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Mixed female wrestling is an exciting and interesting type of sport, but is also fun for the wrestlers. Once you will start practicing wrestling you will soon want to get involved in mixed wrestling matches to prove your wrestling skills and abilities to fight. Mixed wrestling matches are the perfect way to practice mixed wrestling moves and gain experience.

Mixed female wrestling is one of the most interesting types of wrestling and pleasant for everyone to watch. For men, mixed female wrestling is sexy and entertaining. Getting involved in mixed wrestling matches gives you the opportunity to also experience mixed female wrestling, mixed oil wrestling and female bikini apartment wrestling. It is fascinating to watch mixed wrestling matches featuring muscular women who wrestle men and see how mixed wrestling stories are turned into reality.

During mixed female wrestling matches, there are various techniques and methods used to defeat the opponent such as the female sleeper hold wrestling move.

Having this in mind, depending on the wrestler’s strategy various parts of one’s body can be used to immobilize the opponent, such as:

  • Head
  • Shoulders
  • Face
  • Arm
  • Back and torso
  • Legs

The female sleeper hold wrestling move can be analyzed during mixed female wrestling matches as well as mixed submission wrestling videos. The mixed wrestling stories are put into practice by muscular women who wrestle men and during female apartment wrestling you can see the female sleeper hold wrestling move in practice.

If you are indeed a fan of female wrestling and mixed female wrestling then you will also enjoy watching mixed wrestling matches. Professional wrestlers are ready to prove their wrestling skills during mixed wrestling matches and by means of mixed wrestling videos you can watch the matches over and over again.

There is a wide variety of moves and pins used by professional wrestlers in mixed female wrestling matches. Some of the most some of the most used and effective techniques used in mixed wrestling are:

  • Stretches: Used to weaken the opponent and also known as “submission holds”. The wrestler basically holds his opponent in a position that leads to stress to the opponent’s body.
  • Tapping: The wrestler basically slaps his/her opponent to the floor or mat. The main objective of these holds is to twist the opponent’s joints in an uncomfortable manner.
  • Chokes: Combined with stretches, the choke moves lead to great results applied when necessary and effectively. However, for safety purposes the chokes must be applied with attention in order to not cut off the opponent’s oxygen supply to the brain.
  • Sleeper holds: The female sleeper hold wrestling moves can be applied either during individual wrestling matches, mixed matches or mixed female wrestling matches. However, are by far more interesting when applied in mixed female wrestling matches. In this way, the female sleeper holding wrestling move can help you defeat your opponent and lead to a submission.

Generally, the female sleeper hold wrestling move is included in the category of chokes and if used properly it can lead to submission and you can easily immobilize your opponent.

Having this in mind, in the case of mixed female wrestling, the female sleeper hold wrestling move is highly used, along with other moves such as strangle hold or the double knee backbreaker.

During a mixed female wrestling match, you should apply wrestling moves in order to weaken you opponent. The female sleeper hold wrestling move should be applied during the wrestling game, not as a beginning move. If you are able to efficiently perform the female sleeper hold wrestling move, then you have the opportunity to defeat your opponent.

There are a few things you should take into account when performing the female sleeper hold wrestling move and within our next section you will find out more about the objectives, requirements and success keys for the female sleeper hold wrestling move.


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